The H-Bomb and the Jesus Rock

The H-Bomb and the Jesus Rock
Genre: Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
Publication Year: 2010
ISBN: 0897336119

"The H-Bomb and the Jesus Rock came out of a whole big bag of things from my grade school years—the fear of sudden nuclear annihilation, the equation of the Red Scare with the Red Devil, coldblooded nuns, a fat kid in the neighbourhood with a vast collection of baseball cards and a perfect capitalist mentality..."  John Manderino

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About the Book

It’s Saturday, October 27, 1962, the darkest day of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Two children, Ralph and his little sister Lou, are seaching for empty bottles in a vacant lot when they discover a rock which–to them, at least–looks quite a lot like Jesus. Ralph immediately declares it a Possible Holy Object. And, since his fondest wish is to be a boy-in-a-story, he earnestly places himself and Lou–now his sidekick–in a tale featuring the “sacred rock” as the key to nothing less than saving the world from nuclear annihilation.

But Toby–older, shrewder and quite a bit larger–has very different plans for the rock, intending to use it as a lucrative sideshow exhibit, complete with fliers: Is it Jesus? Or just a rock? You decide! Hovering over the children and their small-scale war is the general anxiety and dread attending the most perilous moment in our history.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, The H-Bomb and the Jesus Rock provides a unique, often humorous view of that near-Armageddon.

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“A lovely book. I highly recommend it.”
– Jim Murdoch, blogger, The Truth About Lies
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